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  • Fineline booth at OCADU GradEx

    What We Do

    Fineline.art is a marketplace for local artists to sell their work and for buyers to find meaningful art for their homes.

  • Brand Blueprint

    We've put together a blueprint to guide us. We're always learning and love to hear your feedback.

    Brand Guide

Our vision is help people make. To make art. To make connections. To make careers. We're simply the jumping off point for local artists to sell their work and for buyers looking to make their homes more meaningful. People, community, and art. It's what makes us, us.

Two images overlapping, first of participants at Fineline accelerator and second of Flora print
Make More Meaningful

More for art buyers

Our marketplace helps art buyers who want to connect to the art scene and art community by crafting a guided sales experience and giving them access to the story behind the art they purchase.

More for creatives

We're pioneering a new model of collaborative entrepreneurship by fostering a learning community and co-operative where creatives can sell their work while developing skills to thrive in a just economy.

Fineline booth at OCAD University GradEx108
Our Story

In 2021, OCAD University launched a project with the support of the Future Skills Centre to incubate an art marketplace and a co-operative that helps artists and designers grow their business online, while developing cultural entrepreneurship skills.

The result is Fineline and the project has been shaped by artists and designers every step of the way. Those creatives are now forming a co-operative to enable co-ownership, co-governance and peer-to-peer support for members.

we offer

We’re here to help local artists find community and resources. That’s why we’ve created easily accessible programs to encourage artists to launch and grow their art and design businesses while staying committed to their core values of making and sharing their art.

  • Artist Rabiyah Sagheer at Fineline Booth at OCAD U GradEx 108

    Marketplace: An exciting new initiative for emerging artists to sell their work directly to buyers, allowing buyers to bring meaningful and affordable local art into their homes.⁠ How to sell on Fineline.

  • Fineline art and design business accelerator

    Studio: An online learning centre and upskilling programs for emerging cultural entrepreneurs to learn business skills, share and connect with their peers. Visit the Studio.

  • First Directors of the Fineline co-operative

    Co-operative: Fineline is shaped by artist and designers, putting community and collaboration at the forefront of every offering. A co-op is being formed give members a direct say in platform governance. Learn more.

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