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  • Passion and Purpose: Kyla Yager Artwork
    Meet Kyla Yager, a New Orleans-bred and Toronto-based visual artist with a passion for putting emotions at the forefront her work. Drawing from her own experiences with ADHD and Mental Health, Kyla transformed these situations into tools for her practice. Through her art, Kyla aims to empower neurodivergent individuals, encouraging them to embrace their unique traits as strengths rather than obstacles. In this conversation, Kyla explores her artistic journey, inspirations, and insights that have brought her pieces to galleries across the world.
    By Fineline Team
  • Spring Refresh: This Season's Trending Colour Palettes
    As the seasons change, so do the colour palettes that inspire our home décor. This spring, it’s all about embracing nature outdoors and indoors – channeling this season of renewal. From earthy tones, oceanic blues, and pretty pastels the new colours and palettes of Spring 2024 offer so many exciting décor options. Whether you're drawn to sunset shades or bold contrasts, there's a trend to suit every style and preference. Join us as we explore the latest colour trends and discover how to revitalize your home with the fresh hues of spring.
    By Fineline Team
  • Essential Tips for Properly Hanging Artwork
    Hanging art in your home is not just about finding the perfect piece; it’s also about displaying it in a way that enhances your space. Knowing how to properly hang art can make a significant difference in the overall look and feel of your home. From choosing the right hardware, to picking the right frames – we’ll share some expert tips and techniques to showcase your artwork in the best ways possible!
    By Fineline Team
  • Rental Refresh: Décor tips for Temporary Spaces
    Transforming a rental space into a personalized home comes with its unique set of challenges. From restrictions on painting walls, to limits on hanging mirrors or artwork pieces – renters often face many limitations when it comes to decorating. However, with the right creative strategies you can turn your apartment into a space that reflects your style and personality. Let’s dive into some practical and inspiring ideas to make your rental feel like home sweet home!
    By Fineline Team
  • Banner reading 'Welcome new Artists' featuring images of Carmen of Mad Love Creative Co. and Sasha Q
    We’re excited to introduce the latest group of artists joining the Fineline Family! We extend our heartfelt welcome to our newest vendors, whose skills and dedication to their work are a fantastic addition to our community. Read on to learn more about our newest batch of creatives, view their pieces, and consider some new additions to your home!
    By Fineline Team
  • A living room designed in a minimalistic style, with a benc and shelves showcasing Jewel Pavao's artwork and other knick-knacks
    Perspectives is a series by Fineline on the impact of meaningful art in the home. In this piece, Nurse Hailee Manosca shares her love of sentimental artwork and her support for close friend Jewel Pavao. Hailee speaks about how the pieces she's purchased from Jewel have brought a sense of fun in her living space, as well as prominent messages of empowerment.
    By Fineline Team
  • Transforming Your Space on a Budget
    Whether you’re planning to give your home a spring refresh, or you just moved into a new place, designing a home can get expensive. Decorating your space doesn’t have to break the bank. At Fineline, we believe that everyone should be able to create beautiful spaces regardless of budget constraints. Read on as we explore practical tips and budget-friendly strategies to transform your space.
    By Fineline Team
  • Banner reading 'Welcome New Artists' with images of Kristy Woudstra and Kyla Yager
    We are thrilled to announce the new group of artists joining the Fineline Family! Please extend a warm welcome to our newest vendors, whose talent and passion for their practices enrich our platform and community. Join us as we unveil the creatives who are showcasing their beautiful artistry and consider bringing their fresh art pieces into your home.
    By Fineline Team
  • Finding your Décor Aesthetic
    Every room is a canvas waiting to be designed with the owner's personality and style. Through this guide, learn about popular home décor aesthetics that can transform your space into a personalized haven.
    By Fineline Team
  • Intro to Art and Décor Lingo
    A helpful guide to the world of art and design terminology.
    By Fineline Team
  • Banner image reading "Featuring Jewel Pavao", with two of her pieces
    With a practice based in exploring contemporary issues through her Filipino heritage and intersectional feminism, artist Jewel Pavao aims to break barriers in the design industry. Jewel’s work aims to create visually uplifting pieces highlighting bright colours and stylized imagery that pack a powerful conceptual punch. In this conversation, Jewel explores her inspirations, motivations, and stories that have catapulted her creative practice into success.
    By Fineline Team
  • Meditative Reflections: Natasha Dichpan
    Step into the vibrant world of Natasha Dichpan, a dynamic multi-disciplinary painter whose artistic prowess extends beyond the canvas to the realm of live performances and vibrant murals. In this conversation, Natasha explores the stories and inspirations that create her mesmerizing live painting performances and practice.   
    By Fineline + Natasha Dichpan

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