Season 1

Fineline and OCADU LiVE present a new series for people who have a love for art, for authenticity, for celebrating diversity. Each episode is incredibly unique, with heartwarming stories about the impact of art in our daily lives and the connection that those who purchase local art form with artists and creators. It's a story of how art brings people together and makes meaning in our lives.

Episode 4: Christine + Attiya

After collaborating on Attiya Khan’s first film “A Better Man”, Producer Christine Kleckner became a close friend and supporter in all of Attiya’s creative pursuits, including stained glass business, Live in Colour. Their friendship is filled with memorable stories, laughs, and a focus on creation. Join us in Episode 4 of Housewarming for a tour of Attiya’s home and studio, art, and the stories behind it.

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Episode 3: RJ + Shawn

From crossing paths at a house party, to friends who support each others artistic pursuits, and now longtime partners, RJ and Shawn’s relationship is as dynamic as Shawn’s artwork. Join us in Episode 3 of Housewarming for a tour of RJ’s Toronto home, art collection, and the stories behind it. Not to mention a spontaneous musical performance!

Episode 2: Peter + Kyla

After meeting Kyla at an art market and learning more about her art practice rooted in awareness for neurodiversity – Peter made the instant connection to his son’s own experiences. After the first conversation and artwork purchase, Peter and his family have gone on to become important supporters of Kyle Yager Artwork. Join us in Episode 2 of Housewarming for a tour of Kyla’s Toronto home studio, art, and the stories behind it.

Episode 1: Kat + Natasha

When Kat first spotted Natasha's "Impressions" painting on Instagram, she knew she had to have it. She reached out and since purchasing the piece, she's become not only a collector of Natasha's art, but a friend. Join us in Episode 1 of Housewarming for a tour of Kat's Toronto home, art and the stories behind it.

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