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This is the place for blog posts old, new, and middle-aged. From Fineline collections to feature artists, each piece is more meaningful than simply what's hot and what's not.

  • Meditative Reflections: Natasha Dichpan

    Meditative Reflections: Natasha Dichpan

    Step into the vibrant world of 

    14 Feb 2024 View Article
  • Perspectives: Enchanting Impressions in the Home

    Perspectives: Enchanting Impressions in...

    Perspectives is a series by Fineline on the impact...

    By Fineline + Kat Lyadova
    14 Feb 2024 View Article
  • Fineline Valentine's Day Gift Guide Banner with two art features and a line drawing of a heart

    Valentine's Day Gift Guide

    Discovering the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift at Fineline. With...
    By Fineline Team
    13 Feb 2024 View Article
  • Featuring Sarah Alinia Ziazi

    Art as a Love...

    Influenced by the nuances of everyday life—including recurring...
    By Fineline + Sarah Alinia Ziazi
    7 Dec 2023 View Article
  • Artist Attiya Khan standing in front of her stained glass collection

    A Perspective on Live...

    Toronto resident Andrea Bartliff shares her love of local...
    By Fineline Team
    1 Dec 2023 View Article
  • "Featuring Attiya Khan" with image of artist holding up stained glass

    Live in Colour: Light...

    Attiya Khan is the artist and soul behind a...
    By Fineline Team + Attiya Khan
    10 Nov 2023 View Article
  • Three colourful printsfeatured against a white wall in a home

    How to Integrate Small...

    We’re here to offer you some tips and tricks...
    By Fineline Team
    7 Nov 2023 View Article
  • Launch Party Banner Image Launch Party

    Join us at the launch party Sunday November...
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  • Mare Garcia's Blend of Pop Culture and Plant Love at Space Queen Studio

    Mare Garcia's Blend of...

    In a world filled with mass-produced objects, Mare...
    By Fineline + Mare Garcia
    30 Oct 2023 View Article
  • The words "Featuring Ethan Platt" overlayed on top of an image of a person painting in studio and an image of their artwork.

    Painting the Digital Era

    The evidence of society’s transformation and tension between technology and...
    By Fineline + Ethan Platt
    25 Oct 2023 View Article

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