Shawn Skeir

Walking Celebration Giclee Print

One night, twenty years ago, Shawn Skeir was inspired to create this energetic and evocative painting. ‘Walking Celebration’ is a celebration of the vibrancy and strength of people who are bonded as families and communities. We are stronger together even though we are together only virtually and in spirit.

Shawn Skeir has been a figure on the Canadian art scene for over two decades. His paintings, murals and drawings can be found in collectors' homes, buildings, hotels, magazines, advertising, and fashion. He's gained recognition and representation in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles.

Seemingly spontaneous, the fluidity of bold lines also conveys an intense degree of concentration and the artist's striking command of the optical effects of colour theory, exposing how both positive and negative space echo back and forth through his deft use of his palette.

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