Liane Chan

mercy, my mother

Still Life painting of a porcelain statue of Guanyin, the Buddhist deity of Mercy, holding a baby boy.

The societal pressure on women to marry and bear sons echoes and reinforces Confucian cisheteromisogyny, confining women to domestic roles focused solely on child-rearing, while prioritizing male lineage. Statues depicting Guanyin with Child are traditionally associated with blessings for fertility, luck during pregnancy, and protection during childbirth. I recognize the divine feminine aspect of mercy embodied in Guanyin as more than a porcelain tchotchke. This particular statue, passed down from my maternal grandmother upon her death in 2018, has witnessed generations of child-rearing within my family. Through this portrayal, I show reverence and honour my grandmother, my mother, and Guanyin herself, to alleviate my guilt for benefitting from maternal sacrifices.

Acrylic on Canvas. 

40.6 cm x 50.8 cm

Type: Painting
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