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Swing Higher! / Wall Hanging

I had a lot of fears as a kid: monsters in the dark, anything that moved too fast and basically any new experience. But I loved swings.

I'd pump my legs hard and in perfect rhythm so I could soar high in the air. I loved/hated that drop in the pit of my stomach on the descent. If I closed my eyes, it felt like I was flying, completely free with nothing holding me back.

That feeling is what I think of when I look at this quilted wall hanging. As I get older, I'm releasing those fears and enjoying the freedom that comes with that. Ultimately, I am learning to embrace the person I am. So I've called this design: 'Swing higher!"

Wall hanging details:

H 23" x W 20"

100% cotton fabric and batting

Machine quilted 

Designed and created by Kristy Woudstra in Hamilton, Ont., in Canada

Tabs are included on the back so it can be easily hung in your home

Wash in cold water and hang to dry

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