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Transition / Art Quilt

My mom often said “I can’t see my way clear” when she was struggling with making a big decision. So this phrase comes to mind whenever I feel like I am in a murky transition, trying to see the next stage in life. Rather than panic and rush to figure things out, I remind myself that it’s ok not to know what the end goal is. It will usually reveal itself as I muddle my way through.

I have been trusting this a lot lately, in my middle years as my roles at home and in society shift and change. I’m trying to embrace the beauty of uncertainty. And it’s what I was trying to reflect in this quilt design, so I’m calling it “Transition.”

Quilt details:

50” x 59”

100% cotton fabric and batting

100% cotton flannel backing

Original design and handmade by Kristy Woudstra

Machine quilted and bound

Wash in cold and hang to dry

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