Art as a Love Language: Sarah Alinia Ziazi

By Fineline + Sarah Alinia Ziazi

Influenced by the nuances of everyday life—including recurring themes of identity and nostalgia—Sarah Alinia Ziazi illustrates the good and the bad of people’s intentions through her work. ⁠As a First Director of the Fineline Co-operative, she brings her collaborative, progressive approach to the community; driven by the values of diversity, inclusion and accessibility.⁠

In this conversation, Sarah unveils the creative process behind her distinctive approach, transforming mundane moments into playful and imaginative realms. Her illustrations, exemplified by the captivating 'Flora' collection, mirror her unique perspective, seamlessly merging elements of everyday life with abstract interactions.

The Conversation

Art as a Love Language

I often describe my work as a manifestation of my love for art, a language that unveils both the best and worst within me. My artistic endeavors aim to showcase the dual nature of people's intentions, navigating the balance between good and bad. Influenced by the nuances of daily life, my approach involves transforming dull moments into playful scenarios. Take, for instance, my illustration 'Flora: Composition 2,' where I turn a simple conversation into an abstract interaction, adorned with mid-century modern vases and impossibly massive flowers. It's a humorous process of translating ideas into sketches, ultimately culminating in the final artwork.

Flora Composition 2 by Sarah Alinia Ziazi

Inspiration for the Flora Collection

The Flora Compositions draw inspiration from the juxtaposition of feminine energy and the beauty of floral imagery. These illustrations seek to evoke a divine transcendence through simple and balanced compositions, where repetition and symmetry create visual harmony. I simplify shapes in my work, infusing flowers with minimalism—simple stems, a handful of colors, and a few leaves. The series was inspired by antique botanical floral illustrations, their organic details standing out against plain backgrounds. Contrary to my past belief in the need for profound meaning, the Flora series allowed me to embrace experimentation, resulting in meditative and naturally beautiful illustrations of flowers.
Two images of Sarah Alinia Ziazi creating Flora Composition 1 and Flora Composition 1 sketch and final illustration

Crafting Ambiance with Relaxed Elegance in the Home

My living space is a reflection of interconnected elements, each object expressing a facet of my personality. From the books in my study to the layout of my work desk, everything has a purpose. The placement of art within my home adds the final puzzle piece, contributing to the overall ambiance. I periodically rotate art pieces, introducing vintage finds or unique lamps to enhance the space's mood. As I embrace a lighter perspective with age, my decorating instincts become more relaxed, aiming for an atmosphere that captivates and feels comfortable. It might sound perplexing, but it resonates with the evolving, less serious approach I now embrace.

Two images of Flora Composition 3 held by Sarah Alinia Ziazi and Flora Composition 1 by Sarah Alinia Ziazi

The Collection


Remember, buying art is a personal journey, and there are no strict rules. Enjoy the process, explore different artists and styles, and choose art that resonates with you and brings you joy.

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