How to Integrate Small Prints into the Home

By Fineline Team

Imagine this scenario: you just ordered a print from the Fineline marketplace and it’s from one of your favourite artists, or maybe the piece just spoke to you. The print arrives at your door, pristine and ready to be framed and mounted. You’re excited to find the perfect place in your home for it but you’re unsure where to start. How do you make a printed artwork shine, especially if it’s on the smaller side? We’re here to offer you some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your small prints.

Make It A Series

Instead of getting one large artwork for that big blank wall, consider pairing three or even four prints together in a series. This is a great technique if you want a smaller print to become a focal point in your home since you can easily showcase it in a statement area such as above the couch or bed. This composition is easiest when the prints are all the same size, as this will ensure continuity and balance when lining them up on your wall. Opt for the same frame for each piece or even consider a collage frame that allows multiple prints to be displayed together. Depending on the wall space, a print series can be displayed horizontally, vertically, or even diagonally (yes, we’re looking at you, stairs). This is also a great opportunity to show off multiple works from a single artist or to play with some visual storytelling by pairing contrasting pieces together from different artists.

Get Eclectic

Okay, but what if symmetry isn’t your style? Perhaps you’re someone who prefers things a bit messy, eclectic, and lived-in. In that case, you might consider adopting the concept of a gallery wall. A gallery wall is a curated arrangement of artwork displayed collectively in one space. The beauty of a gallery wall lies in its celebration of diversity, welcoming various elements, a mix of art styles and mediums, or even three-dimensional shadow boxes. Small prints work perfectly displayed in this style and can easily be added to an already existing display. While some individuals might prefer a more straightforward approach—using minimalist frames and uniform artwork—others might lean further into the eclectic vibe, incorporating ornate and contrasting frames and hanging curio into the display.

Give Your Shelves Some Love

Don’t forget that walls aren’t the only place that you can show off your art. Small framed pieces work beautifully on shelves to introduce visual appeal. Breathe space into a crowded bookshelf or arrange your print alongside other decorative items like tchotchkes, plants and candles. Additionally, adorning a mantle with an array of prints can be an effective approach. To infuse a modern touch, consider leaning the frames against the wall and layering them a bit rather than propping them up like picture frames.

When in Doubt, Mat it Out

The simplest way to bring attention to a print is to invest in a frame with a mat, which is a simple border that divides the frame from the piece. Even with a small print, you can expand its presence on the wall by using a larger mat within the frame. This not only gives the illusion of a larger piece but also establishes a focal point, eliminating distractions around the artwork. It can be particularly beneficial if your walls are painted in a way that you feel doesn't perfectly complement the piece, as a neutral mat helps mitigate any conflicting visual elements.

Don’t Forget the Nooks and Crannies

Although our initial inclination may be to fill up the main focal areas of our homes, small prints can especially flourish in those neglected nooks and crannies. These prints excel at bringing life and colour into overlooked spaces, like bathrooms, the small wall section at the corner of a staircase turn, entrances, mudrooms, and the like. Or maybe you’re an art addict like us and are running out of real estate. There’s always a space for one more piece.

Consider the Vibe

Fineline artist Jewel Pavao writes, “Personally, I find it helpful to choose art pieces with colours that match the atmosphere of your space. If you're looking to place art in a lively area, opt for bright, energetic palettes. While on the other hand, a calmer, more cozier space could do with subdued, neutral-coloured work. What emotions do you hope to feel in certain areas of your home?”

Discover Jewel’s print collection


Remember, buying art is a personal journey, and there are no strict rules. Enjoy the process, explore different artists and styles, and choose art that resonates with you and brings you joy.

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